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Kooky misadventures with revenants

Ever had a nightmare so grueling that your brain wouldn't allow it to finish? We've probably all had the experience of waking up in a cold sweat right before the shark bites your leg off or you're forced to sit through a screening of "Twilight" or whatever. Maybe you went all-out cliche by sitting bolt-upright screaming, or maybe you just laid there disoriented and cold and feeling as though there was still something evil in the room with you.

My subconscious often takes a different approach. Instead of waking me up, it relieves the tension by lurching the dream off into a completely different direction...sometimes an outrageously stupid one. Case in point:

Last week I dreamed that the dead had risen and were wandering the countryside. They traveled in hordes, so by the time you saw one of them it meant that a million more were about to descend upon you. I was surrounded by strangers, and most of the dream involved us trying to set up hiding holes inside an office building. When we saw the first wandering corpse in the halls down in the basement, we knew we were screwed; they'd found us! We ran to the ground floor and there were already dozens of them in the lobby; through the glass walls we could see thousands more shambling across the fields towards the door, and I knew that we were all about to die...

And then the zombie in front stopped, smiled at the nearest would-be victim, and said, "Happy birthday, Steve!"

They were never really zombies at all! They were just pretending! The collapse of civilization was all just a birthday prank on Steve, whoever the hell Steve is!

Think I can sell this idea to Romero, or should I keep it for myself?
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