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Everything I know about geology, I learned from watching Inhumanoids

I recently Netflixed my favorite quickly canceled 80's toy tie-in cartoon, Inhumanoids. It features a team of heroic geologists fighting semi-Lovecraftian monsters who live underground. The geology is a bit unrealistic, to put it nicely. Examples:

1) The Earth's core is a small ball of lava that's just floating in the middle of the planet, with lava streamers flowing into it.

2) If you blow up a dam on the surface and let the water flow onto the core, the resulting hot/cold shock will break the planet in half.

3) It takes maybe a couple of hours to drive to the core in your all-terrain vehicles, and maybe a few minutes for that water to get there.

4) There's a mineral called "galvasite" that makes magnetic monsters stronger.

5) If you reverse the magnetic polarity of the "Primal Core," good monsters turn evil, evil monsters turn good, buildings warp like Salvador Dali clocks, and the Van Allen belts crash into the surface of the Earth.

6) There's practically no solid rock anywhere underground, just a bunch of caves you can walk through.

7) The Mojo Discontinuity is just a cave floor you can walk around on. And it's pronounced "Moe-joe."

8) Some forests have lakes of amber deep enough to imprison 50-foot-tall undead dinosaur monsters.

And the list goes on. Needless to say, I think some of us have a lot of changes to make to our theses, because we clearly got many things wrong.
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